Taco Tuesday!!!

Hey y'all!!!! It's been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Still getting in the swing of school schedules and I also traveled to New Orleans for a few days (more about that in another post!) Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you all my latest Taco Tuesday. I have shared on many platforms that I LOVE NACHOS...like I think I have a problem! haha! It was one of my favorite things to eat prior to going vegan so quite naturally I HAD to find a way to still enjoy one of my favorite meals! Typically every Tuesday is Taco/Nacho Tuesday. Per usual I have some Beyond Meat crumbles in my freezer and season them up then proceed to load my nachos with guacamole, salsa, salsa verde and anything else

It's not a party without food!

Sooooo as you all know I have been talking about my twins turning 5...I have pretty much stopped crying now :-( almost...kinda... (wipes forehead) We try to keep things pretty simple with birthdays and have really relaxed on holidays we "celebrate" (maybe more about that in another post!) so we planned a small gathering of family and friends at a park for the boys to run and play! In planning for the party we decided to do "finger foods" and asked people to pack a small lunch if they felt the need to do so. We do not want to force people to eat things they don't want or aren't ready to try because at the end of the day we do not compromise our lifestyle ;-) Celebrations are usually what g

"Cheese sauce" huh?!

Happy Wednesday! The day is winding down and boy has it been a busy one! My twins turned 5 today and I've been a bit emotional (internally) all day...sheesh! But the show must go on, I guess I have to accept that they are growing up. I want them to stay small and innocent little boys forever. Buuut anyhoo, lets get to the cheese sauce :-) But first, I guess we can rewind back 2 1/2ish years ago before I was vegan and when cheese was my middle name. For all of my growing up I loved cheese. It was an extreme infatuation...I mean I ate cheese in all forms: sliced, cubed, shredded, melted...it didn't matter, I WANTED it. So when it came time for me to take my "big leap" into being plant

Dates...who knew?!

Dates...oh how I love them. I am new to dates...I really knew very little of them before becoming vegan, weird I know! However, once I found them and tried them...I knew we were meant to be, hahaha! A little history for ya...did you know that dates originally trace back to the Middle East? I had no idea! It is a fruit that goes through a drying process to get what we see in the stores. It is a part of the palm family that has a long history of cultivation. WOW! Dates are also a significant piece to Ramadan as it is known as "the first food" after Muslims have fasted from sunrise to sunset. This is pretty interesting stuff! Additionally, growers in Iraq and the Middle East ship thousa

Maintaining the Family

I get the question often on how do we maintain this vegan lifestyle. Well, for starters we are a family of SIX, sheesh! Ha! What I have found is that starting your children young in making healthy choices is very important. As I discussed in my previous post, children watch everything you do and in most cases want to mimic or do what you do. If your child watches you eat chips, candy and drink soda often then in turn what do you think they will want? If fast food is a regular occurrence what will your children begin to prefer? I definitely understand that families are busy, everyone has a schedule BUT in the end...you still have some control. Priorities...everyone has them but what are

Who is Black Mama Vegan?

Well, the name in short speaks for itself...I’m black, a mama and vegan! Ha! In reality, I am a wife and mother to four wonderful children. By “trade” I am a lactation consultant (IBCLC) and also hold a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Counseling. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and helping others. This vegan journey is still new for me but one of the best decisions I ever could have made and I love sharing my story. The name Black Mama Vegan speaks volumes in that if you identify with any of those words I have a connection with you. There is pressure on every side of each of those words with the pressure to be “perfect” to be “the best” to be “at the top”. Quite honestly, we AL

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