Sal-ad and hemp dressing

So, our family has this crazy obsession with using Sponge Bob sayings...we almost have every episode memorized...don't judge us! haha! Anyhoo, not sure if anyone watches it as closely as we did but if anyone remembers the episode when Mr. Krabs wanted to make The Krusty Krab more elegant? He changed up the menu and added salad but Sponge Bob read it as, "sal-ad" it was funny...well more funny if you saw it! Ok, go google it! hahaha! Moving on...fortunately everyone in our family enjoys eating salad. Even the little boys who are 6, 5, 5. We sometimes have a large salad for dinner. Salad is a great way to get tons of veggies on your plate at once! Typically, the downside to most of our

Au gratin potatoes...vegan style!

Happy Thursday!! Let's talk potatoes today friends! I love potatoes...I know I say that about everything that I post...Guess that means I just love food and to eat!! But the the healthy way right?! haha! Anyhoo, my daughter has been beggggiiinnnng me to make au gratin potatoes. I made them probably over a year ago and had not made them since. It was well overdue for me to make them, so here we go! First, I did not pay attention to the fact that 'Au gratin' is a french way of preparing a dish. The au gratin style is a browned crust using cheese, breadcrumbs, or an egg/butter mix. Welp, I decided to use the cheese method! I have to admit, these were simply amazing...sheesh! This was di

Packing lunch the eco friendly way!

Good day everyone!! This post will not be as lengthy as some of my previous posts, however I wanted to share with you all about packing lunches for the boys. As most of you know, I have four children. One in high school and three yes THREE in elementary school (two kindergartners). My teenager is in charge of her own lunches and thus I never get pictures of what she is eating! She eats well...just need to get her more on the veggie train, but i digress. Anyhoo! The boys' lunches have become a bit of a production...even the teachers at school stand over them to see what they're eating everyday!! I receive lots of questions about where do I get containers and how I pack their lunches. Cli

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!! It's Wednesday but it feels like it has been an entire WEEK! hahaha!! I rest well every night but for some reason today I felt like my body was awake before I wanted to be...if that makes any sense?! Anyhoo, today we are going to talk about tea...not just a regular cup but an infusion. I love doing them and am working on getting back on track with doing them at least 2-3 times a week. What is an infusion you ask?? Well it is taking some of the best herbal teas you can find and extracting alllll of the goodness out of it!! To compare the two, when you drink a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile, or a green tea you're getting some instant benefits during times of illnes

Candy for breakfast?!

Gooood morning!! I have shared this breakfast on my Instagram but wanted to write a post to talk a little more about it. I am constantly looking for new ways to enjoy breakfast and incorporate a variety. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals!! Lately, I have been doing raw until noon or 1pm. This mostly consists of smoothies, teas, or fruit. Sooo, y'all know I love dates...we've talked about this!! So, one day I decided to make a quick "granola" which is also what I use to make crusts for desserts. I also cut up some bananas to put on top and then made a "caramel" sauce...this sauce...Y'ALL! IT IS SOOOO EASY!! Two ingredients, TWO! Only a total of 7 ingredients for this yummy bowl ;-)

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