Food is medicine...smoothie edition!

Hey friends! I just hosted my Vegan + Immunity workshop yesterday and It was AMAZING! We talked about how food is medicine, essential oils and other herbs and teas. You see, building immunity and maintaining it should not be limited to going to the pharmacy and picking up the latest and "greatest" drug. It should be an enjoyable experience...yes ENJOYABLE! The amazing thing about building immunity and even healing yourself if you do become ill is that you can literally EAT your way to health with great tasting foods, and great smelling oils! It really can be THAT simple. However, for a lot of us, that was never our perspective or reality. We typically do, use or take what we know...what

What does it all mean...?

As I sit on my bed thinking about my future, this business, this life...I wonder, what does it all mean? Honestly, I never expected any of this...everything just sort of...happened. One thing for sure is that I am extremely thankful and excited for what is to come and for what has happened already. In just a little under two years I've tackled what feels like more than the 30+ years I've been on this earth. Yes, I went to college and yes I went to graduate school, but finding your purpose is something that really can't be wrapped up into words or even "time". I have always known that influencing and helping others would be my life's work. HOW that would look, I had no idea. This fire th

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