Why buy this ebook?

A simple guide to recipes that are delicious and easy! Most of the meals can be prepared in 35 minutes or less!  This book uses a lot of the same ingredients to lessen the need for continued shopping or "specialty" ingredients.  

Who is this ebook for?

A guide for the transitioning plant based family, plant based curious, "seasoned" plant based eaters and everyone in between!  These recipes were formulated with the busy family in mind. I first hand understand what it is like to work all day and then figure out dinner in the evening. I'm hoping you find these are quick and easy for you to prepare!

Why only 12 recipes?

I find that most cookbooks can be overwhelming with too many recipes!  How do I choose what to make?  Do I have all of the ingredients?! I spent all of this money to make 2 recipes?!!  My hope is that these recipes are easy to prepare and that you get a chance to try ALL of them. You might even find a favorite to keep  in your rotation :-)

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