Wellness Blend

 A coffee feel without the crash and a boost of energy! 

Wellness Blend

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Wellness Blend
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  • A peek into a few staple ingredients:

    Cacao is the purest form of the cocoa or "cacao" plant.  A strong yet nutritional rich chocolate flavor, cacao powder fairs better than its counterpart cocoa powder. Cacao is the better choice because it is not overly processed or stripped of vital nutrients.  Cacao includes nutrients such as: fiber, iron, copper, and manganese just to name a few!

    Maca Root powder is a hormone balancing powerhouse!  There are three types: red, yellow and black. For this blend in particular we focus on red, the feminine strand. Red maca has a formulation that seeks to increase libido, assist with pms, menopause and more!  This mild yet "warm" ingredient is a pantry staple must for the ladies! 

    Cardamom is a spice we rarely hear about in the US.  Cardamom is a very warm spice that is native to India and can be served in sweet or savory dishes.  This special ingredient assists with: oral hygiene, digestive issues, weight loss and a natural diuretic just to name a few! I personally have grown to love this spice and its richness in this blend!