Wellness Roller blends

Each essential oil blend has a unique blend of oils to suite a particular purpose!  All are based in a carrier oil of apricot, jojoba or grapeseed oil. 


Everyday Wear is meant to be your "perfume" without the synthetics.  A custom blend of oils such as clary sage + lavendar blend perfectly to give you a sensual and refreshing scent.


Lift My mood is meant to do just that!  It's base of St. John's Wort is known to assist with anxiety, depression and sadness.  This blend is perfect for getting the day started OR  applying in moments of sadness or meditation.


Pain Relief gives your joints some much needed TLC.  Flare ups, muscle spasms, tighntness etc.  Pain Relief assists in calming the inflammation and nerves to give you the much needed relief you're looking to gain.


Sniffles is perfect for immunity support.  A perfect blend to open your chest and lungs to assist with breathing. It can also assist with headaches.  Sniffles is great to keep on hand for the kids before going to school or play dates.  

Wellness Roller blends

  • These products are not meant to cure any diseases or illness.  Please inquire if you are looking to purchase these for children, as not all blends will be safe for children.  Custom orders can be made by request.