Dates...who knew?!

Dates...oh how I love them. I am new to dates...I really knew very little of them before becoming vegan, weird I know! However, once I found them and tried them...I knew we were meant to be, hahaha!

A little history for ya...did you know that dates originally trace back to the Middle East? I had no idea! It is a fruit that goes through a drying process to get what we see in the stores. It is a part of the palm family that has a long history of cultivation. WOW! Dates are also a significant piece to Ramadan as it is known as "the first food" after Muslims have fasted from sunrise to sunset. This is pretty interesting stuff! Additionally, growers in Iraq and the Middle East ship thousands of dates to places in America with high Muslim population to prepare for Ramadan. More information on this can be found by following this link