"Cheese sauce" huh?!

Happy Wednesday! The day is winding down and boy has it been a busy one! My twins turned 5 today and I've been a bit emotional (internally) all day...sheesh! But the show must go on, I guess I have to accept that they are growing up. I want them to stay small and innocent little boys forever. Buuut anyhoo, lets get to the cheese sauce :-)

But first, I guess we can rewind back 2 1/2ish years ago before I was vegan and when cheese was my middle name. For all of my growing up I loved cheese. It was an extreme infatuation...I mean I ate cheese in all forms: sliced, cubed, shredded, melted...it didn't matter, I WANTED it. So when it came time for me to take my "big leap" into being plant based, I was nervous and honestly a little hesitant about giving up cheese.

I had to get over this feeling of being controlled by food. This "love" of cheese had to GO! I will admit, in the first couple of months of being plant based I wanted so badly to eat a piece of cheese pizza...and at that time my children and husband were still vegetarian consuming eggs and cheese. I was on the struggle bus...looming over their pizza longing for just one bite! lol! However, I had to rewire my brain to understand WHERE the cheese came from...once I rewired my brain (and watched a few more videos) my "love affair" was over!

Now, lets fast forward...today, I do not desire cheese. There are brands of vegan cheese but it isn't something I have to have. The brand we enjoy eating at home is Follow Your Heart. Their parmesan shreds are