"Cheese sauce" huh?!

Happy Wednesday! The day is winding down and boy has it been a busy one! My twins turned 5 today and I've been a bit emotional (internally) all day...sheesh! But the show must go on, I guess I have to accept that they are growing up. I want them to stay small and innocent little boys forever. Buuut anyhoo, lets get to the cheese sauce :-)

But first, I guess we can rewind back 2 1/2ish years ago before I was vegan and when cheese was my middle name. For all of my growing up I loved cheese. It was an extreme infatuation...I mean I ate cheese in all forms: sliced, cubed, shredded, melted...it didn't matter, I WANTED it. So when it came time for me to take my "big leap" into being plant based, I was nervous and honestly a little hesitant about giving up cheese.

I had to get over this feeling of being controlled by food. This "love" of cheese had to GO! I will admit, in the first couple of months of being plant based I wanted so badly to eat a piece of cheese pizza...and at that time my children and husband were still vegetarian consuming eggs and cheese. I was on the struggle bus...looming over their pizza longing for just one bite! lol! However, I had to rewire my brain to understand WHERE the cheese came from...once I rewired my brain (and watched a few more videos) my "love affair" was over!

Now, lets fast forward...today, I do not desire cheese. There are brands of vegan cheese but it isn't something I have to have. The brand we enjoy eating at home is Follow Your Heart. Their parmesan shreds are amazing and taste very similar to real parmesan. We also buy their slices for grilled cheese or when we have burgers...but it is not an everyday need in our house.

So, it is basically a tradition in our house to do "taco Tuesday" or nacho Tuesday..I know it doesn't rhyme but stay with me! haha! However, the sauces that I have made in the past all involved cashews and well unfortunately, my daughter has a nut allergy. booooo!! I had previously seen various recipes about cheese sauce using vegetables and I just couldn't wrap my mind around it! But I finally decided to go for it..what did I have to lose? Besides my perfectly good produce that I didn't want to see go down the drain...but hey, let's go for it!

As I stated in my previous post...I don't really measure, I just cook...Good Luck!

"Cheese" Sauce

1 sweet potato (peeled and chopped)

2 medium sized carrot stalks (peeled and chopped)

10-12 organic gold potatoes (peeled and chopped)--these are small potatoes I buy from Trader Joes

HImalayan pink salt

nutritional yeast

~1 tbsp lemon juice ( I juiced a fresh lemon)

~1/3 cup of water



* jalapenos

Directions: Salt your water a little heavier than normal, this is how your veggies will be seasoned. Add chopped carrots, potatoes and sweet potato to water. Allow to boil until tender.

Strain the veggies and add to a high powered blender (I have a Nutri Bullet) then add in the other ingredients--nutritional yeast, lemon juice and water.

*The other spices and jalapenos as noted are optional. I put cumin and turmeric in evvvvverything! I will talk about spices and such in a future post!

Blend! (the Nutri Bullet is on an automatic cycle so it stops when done) If not using a nutri bullet, blend until your sauce is smooth, creamy and looks like cheese sauce YUM!

**Since this sauce has all of the salt you need. When cooking veggies or other food to pour it over you should not need to salt them. I did not add ANY additional salt for other food items.

Storage: glass sealed container in the refrigerator when not using. Can keep for up to 5-7 days.

I hope you enjoy!


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