It's not a party without food!

Sooooo as you all know I have been talking about my twins turning 5...I have pretty much stopped crying now :-( almost...kinda... (wipes forehead) We try to keep things pretty simple with birthdays and have really relaxed on holidays we "celebrate" (maybe more about that in another post!) so we planned a small gathering of family and friends at a park for the boys to run and play!

In planning for the party we decided to do "finger foods" and asked people to pack a small lunch if they felt the need to do so. We do not want to force people to eat things they don't want or aren't ready to try because at the end of the day we do not compromise our lifestyle ;-) Celebrations are usually what get people when they want to make a change...I get it, you don't want to seem like the odd man out. (saving this for another post too!) but almost any change comes with some sacrifice..right??!

Anyhoo, we decided on a simple menu: hummus, guacamole, fruit cups, veggies, pretzel sticks and tortilla chips...thennnn at the last minute I decided to make a quinoa pasta salad...OMMMGGGAAAHHH! it was so good! haha! Oh! I guess you want to know what desserts we had too, chocolate chips cookies (store bought from Whole Foods) and homemade "rice krispie" treats! Maybe we should call them krispie squares or marshmallow crunchies?! I don't know...anyway, the unfortunate thing is that I did not get a close up picture. The thing you need to know is that they're all gone! haha! If you follow my Instagram (black_mamavegan) you have seen my krispie treats before. Yes, they are gluten free and yes I added hemp hearts again :-)