Taco Tuesday!!!

Hey y'all!!!! It's been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Still getting in the swing of school schedules and I also traveled to New Orleans for a few days (more about that in another post!) Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you all my latest Taco Tuesday. I have shared on many platforms that I LOVE NACHOS...like I think I have a problem! haha! It was one of my favorite things to eat prior to going vegan so quite naturally I HAD to find a way to still enjoy one of my favorite meals!

Typically every Tuesday is Taco/Nacho Tuesday. Per usual I have some Beyond Meat crumbles in my freezer and season them up then proceed to load my nachos with guacamole, salsa, salsa verde and anything else I can get my hands on :-) This particular Tuesday I decided NOT to use the "beef crumbles". Now why would I do that you ask? I want the family to really start to enjoy other flavors and veggies without the "comfort" of always having a meat substitute. Vegan "meats" are great and we enjoy them don't get me wrong BUT I also think it's important to use basic ingredients to achieve the same goal.

So let's get to it...I used some gluten free (corn) tortillas and warmed them in the oven. We also had Donkey chips for those that wanted nachos in lieu of tacos. Sidebar: if you've never had Donkey chips you're missing out! I don't know WHAT they do to those chips but they're so good!! Its just a tortilla chip tho?! haha! Ok, back on track...peep the picture below ;-)

The family absolutely LOVED this and I had zero complaints. The sauce that I made was a "sour cream" type of sauce that a fellow vegan partner shared with me! This may look fancy but trust me...this is a one skillet and done dish. There is a little bit of prep in advance that will save time but in the end...30 minute meal at your service!

Quinoa Lentil tacos

organic frozen corn

white quinoa

organic white button mushrooms

lentils (I used the steamed bag from Trader Joes)

red pepper

green pepper

onion (I use sweet yellow)

himalayan pink salt



nutritional yeast

*garlic powder

smoked paprika

"Sour Cream"

raw pumpkin seeds

hemp hearts

juice of half a lemon

unsweetened plant milk


himalayan pink salt

nutritional yeast

**Remember, I don't measure...I just pour and go with what looks good from my creative eye ;-)**

This recipe moves a lot faster if you have precooked your quinoa. I typically will make quinoa on Sunday and use it for recipes throughout the week.


1) soak your pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts in a small container. If I had to guess I used about 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds and 3 tbsp of hemp hearts. Do this FIRST so that they can soak and be soft right before you're ready to serve!

2) chop all veggies: onions, peppers, mushrooms *may also use fresh garlic add chopped veggies to your oiled skillet (grapeseed oil)

3) season veggies with spices listed, continue to stir and allow to cook until tender

4) Add in quinoa and lentils and toss until combined. Lastly, add corn and stir all together. You may taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Allow to sit on low. If the mixture starts to stick add a tsp of water to loosen things up!

5) Add sour cream ingredients to high speed blender OR if you have a hand blender you may use that as well. salt to taste. ~tsp of dill ~1-2 tbsp of nutritional yeast.

Blend until smooth and creamy

6) Top tortilla chips or regular corn tortillas with mixture then with sauce and BAM!

*smoked paprika is a GREAT spice to use to make things taste more savory and "taco


If you give this recipe a try I want to know your feedback! What did you change, like etc. This is all about learning...change things up as you want/need!

Enjoy ;-)


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