Candy for breakfast?!

Gooood morning!! I have shared this breakfast on my Instagram but wanted to write a post to talk a little more about it. I am constantly looking for new ways to enjoy breakfast and incorporate a variety. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals!! Lately, I have been doing raw until noon or 1pm. This mostly consists of smoothies, teas, or fruit.

Sooo, y'all know I love dates...we've talked about this!! So, one day I decided to make a quick "granola" which is also what I use to make crusts for desserts. I also cut up some bananas to put on top and then made a "caramel" sauce...this sauce...Y'ALL! IT IS SOOOO EASY!! Two ingredients, TWO! Only a total of 7 ingredients for this yummy bowl ;-)

Caramel banana bowl

1 medium to large banana