Packing lunch the eco friendly way!

Good day everyone!! This post will not be as lengthy as some of my previous posts, however I wanted to share with you all about packing lunches for the boys.

As most of you know, I have four children. One in high school and three yes THREE in elementary school (two kindergartners). My teenager is in charge of her own lunches and thus I never get pictures of what she is eating! She eats well...just need to get her more on the veggie train, but i digress.

Anyhoo! The boys' lunches have become a bit of a production...even the teachers at school stand over them to see what they're eating everyday!! I receive lots of questions about where do I get containers and how I pack their lunches. Click the link below!

Now, you might say...$40 for a lunch box?!! I know, I know...that's what my husband said! hahah! BUT what I explained is that these are sustainable and reusable. We aren't throwing away bags everyday, not worrying about the plastic breaking down etc. These are durable stainless steel boxes that they will have for years! With the occasional sandwich bag for chips or crackers (which my hope is to increase my stash of reusable sandwich bags) we are contributing less waste to the environment.

Now again, you might say...that means I have to wash it everyday...well yes. BUT sometimes a quick rinse will do and then a heavy wash in the dishwasher over the weekend! I don't know the exact amount but we have cut down our costs of sandwich bags/plastic TREMENDOUSLY!