Sal-ad and hemp dressing

So, our family has this crazy obsession with using Sponge Bob sayings...we almost have every episode memorized...don't judge us! haha! Anyhoo, not sure if anyone watches it as closely as we did but if anyone remembers the episode when Mr. Krabs wanted to make The Krusty Krab more elegant? He changed up the menu and added salad but Sponge Bob read it as, "sal-ad" it was funny...well more funny if you saw it! Ok, go google it! hahaha!

Moving on...fortunately everyone in our family enjoys eating salad. Even the little boys who are 6, 5, 5. We sometimes have a large salad for dinner. Salad is a great way to get tons of veggies on your plate at once! Typically, the downside to most of our salad is the dressing. I have seen some people eat dressing with a side of salad, whew! Lots of times those dressings we use have oils, sugar, sodium, fat, cream that blows through the roof! YIkes!!

Well, you are in luck! I have been making this dressing for a couple of months and it goes over well with the family ;-) at least the always tell me its good! haha!