Sal-ad and hemp dressing

So, our family has this crazy obsession with using Sponge Bob sayings...we almost have every episode memorized...don't judge us! haha! Anyhoo, not sure if anyone watches it as closely as we did but if anyone remembers the episode when Mr. Krabs wanted to make The Krusty Krab more elegant? He changed up the menu and added salad but Sponge Bob read it as, "sal-ad" it was funny...well more funny if you saw it! Ok, go google it! hahaha!

Moving on...fortunately everyone in our family enjoys eating salad. Even the little boys who are 6, 5, 5. We sometimes have a large salad for dinner. Salad is a great way to get tons of veggies on your plate at once! Typically, the downside to most of our salad is the dressing. I have seen some people eat dressing with a side of salad, whew! Lots of times those dressings we use have oils, sugar, sodium, fat, cream that blows through the roof! YIkes!!

Well, you are in luck! I have been making this dressing for a couple of months and it goes over well with the family ;-) at least the always tell me its good! haha!

This was the ultimate salad!! I am determined to start incorporating more veggies and foods I did not eat growing up and also that I do not normally use. In this case I used beets on our salad and everybody liked it!! But typically your dressing makes your salad...its the "cherry on top" This dressing brings everything together and is not very over powering.

Check out what the salad has included and the recipe for the dressing below!

This salad includes:



beet spirals

red pepper

pumpkin seeds

chia seeds

red onion

yellow pepper


grape tomatoes

Gardein crispy tenders

Hemp dressing

~1/2 cup Hemp hearts

~1/2 juice of lemon

nutritional yeast

Himalayn pink salt


dill (fresh or dried)

~1/4 cup unsweetened flax milk (or other plant milk)

I typically keep my portions small for a one maybe two time use...however if you make a bigger batch it will keep for up to one week.

I have a hand immersion blender which makes my life easy (thanks mom!). If you do not have one I would advise using your high speed blender (nutri bullet, ninja etc.) in this case you may want to use a bigger batch so that it combines well. In that case you can use the estimated measurements above.

If dressing is too thick add a little more milk.

Dressing should come out creamy and coat your salad well:

The dressing reminds me of a traditional Caesar dressing. It is simply divine and a better choice than traditional store bought.

Give it a try and let me know!

Be well,

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