Vegan chili

Greetings! Fall is finally coming...maybe...hopefully! I cannot believe that we are still experiencing 80 degree weather in Indiana. Sheesh! I enjoy the cooler mornings and wearing my cardigans. If I could do the highest of 72 degrees year round that would be a dream!! Ok, so moving on about the chili ;-)

I have made a few chili's here and there...and most recently started making more soups to gear up for the fall and winter season. I've been introducing little by little and allowing the kids to try them so that hopefully everyone will enjoy the soups for dinner. About one month ago I had the urge to make chili...but not the usual bean chili. I wanted something different...hearty...savory...and I started having flashbacks!

Before being vegan I enjoyed it when Panera would have their turkey chili. This chili was PACKED with veggies, beans and other goodness. It was the right amount of spice and savory flavor..Geesh! So on this day in my kitchen I decided...I'm going to make "turkey chili"

This chili is easy to make, savory, packed with fiber, protein and other goodies. These are easy ingredients and are always good to have on hand especially as the seasons change and if you are in colder weather. Even if you are not in colder weather, you should make this! haha!!