Chickpea Salad

Happy Tuesday! I've been making some yummy meals lately...mostly breakfast and lunch! Lunch is becoming one of my favorite meals of the day. It is also typically my largest meal of the day. Working from home allows me to prepare lunch fresh and enjoy being a little creative along the way! However, you can do these same meals quick and easy to take on the go :-)

In this post I will be talking about chickpea salad...yummmm! For those transitioning to a plant based diet or thinking about how to make certain items...let me tell's not as hard as you think! Most of the time you have the items in your refrigerator or cabinet it is just a matter of using them!

Chickpeas aka Garbanzo beans are simply amazing! They are PACKED with nutrients such as fiber, protein, b vitamins and more! They can also be combined in almost any dish and takes on any flavor you wish. I put chickpeas in soup, salads, roast them, sautee', cookie dough...yes, cookie dough or sweetened chickpea hummus as some say. Either way, its allll good! haha!

Chickpea salad is an easy, quick fix lunch idea that puts you in mind of making tuna salad or egg salad only without the animal products ;-) You can put any veggies you like, use a vegan mayo, mustard or avocado and season to your really is that simple!! If you miss the "egg flavor" in your tuna or egg are in for a treat!

Black salt aka Kala Namak is the vegan's magic ingredient when it comes to "egg flavor". Kala Namak comes from Nothern India and with its high sulfur content you could swear someone had a plate of eggs in front of you! The fun fact is that the salt is not black it is actually more of a pinkinsh/purpleish. You can find kala namak online or in some health stores. Just make sure it looks like this! (see pic below)