Vegan sweet potato chili

Hey friends! It's been a while...I've been busy working on some new projects and hanging with the kiddos! I have a couple of NEW posts to share with you but this is the first. I made this chili a few weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking about it...

I've seen some recipes before about sweet potato chili and I just couldn't bring myself to think it would be any good! I mean...HOW let alone WHY put sweet potatoes in chili?! Well, when you're plant based it is common and easy to put things together that normally you would not think to do...I for one never had sweet potato chili prior to going vegan.

Anyhoo, if you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen a couple of pictures about my quinoa chili. I basically made the same chili base but added sweet potatoes...its that simple.

So why sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes actually are a great source of vitamin A along with other micro nutrients such as: magnesium, vitamin C and iron. It also, packs some protein and is extremely low in fat. Adding this burst of vitamins provides a savory and subtle sweet taste. This is an amazing fall or winter dish but I could easily see this being enjoyed year round!

As you will be able to see from my ingredients this chili is PACKED with goodness! I typically try to make my chili or soups in one pot from start to finish. It makes for easier cleanup :-)

Vegan Sweet Potato Chili