Pot Pie...just like old times!

Good day everyone!

I think we are actually approaching winter in Indiana...maybe..it was 60 degrees the other day, in December...anyhoo, let's talk dinner! As the weather gets cooler outside we typically want warm dishes for meals in lieu of a salad. However, I'll still take a good salad any day! "Comfort food" is a term we know all too well...its typically how we seem to gain those pesky pounds during the winter months that we work so hard to keep off during the spring and summer.

However, as with all of my dishes we are going to dive into my veggie pot pie. When I was a kid I remember having pot pie...but not homemade. It was the Swanson boxed pot pies that typically cost around $1 each if my memory serves me correctly?! Do they still have those??!! Anyway, even though they were on the cheap side they were yummy...or at least what I thought to be yummy at that time :-)

This recipe is super simple and under 10 ingredients...and you can also pronounce all of the ingredients without looking them up! This one pot meal is sure to be a hit with the family!!

This meal from start to finish is right around 40 minutes or less! You get the power of veggies, plus a little comfort from the roux and biscuits and it's VEGAN :-)

Veggie Pot Pie (Serves 4-6)