What does it all mean...?

As I sit on my bed thinking about my future, this business, this life...I wonder, what does it all mean? Honestly, I never expected any of this...everything just sort of...happened. One thing for sure is that I am extremely thankful and excited for what is to come and for what has happened already.

In just a little under two years I've tackled what feels like more than the 30+ years I've been on this earth. Yes, I went to college and yes I went to graduate school, but finding your purpose is something that really can't be wrapped up into words or even "time". I have always known that influencing and helping others would be my life's work. HOW that would look, I had no idea. This fire that is inside me to spread love, help others and heal have been the motivation to it all...

Although you see Black Mama Vegan for the most part some don't know my "background" or why I do this...As is noted in my bio I am a lactation consultant, meaning, I help mothers and families provide the most optimal start to an infant's life by breastfeeding. I assist by giving support, encouragement, physical and emotional assistance. My goal when on the path to being an IBCLC was to be a maternal health "guru" in the non sciencey way-if any of that makes sense. I wanted to be a lactation consultant, personal trainer, yoga instructor holistic apothecary specialist all wrapped up in one...then this happened. I switched my gears and became vegan. Did those others dreams go away? Nope. Changing gears fueled the fire even more than what was already burning. Why not show mothers how to breast feed, then assist them with introducing first foods, and transitioning their children to eat good whole plant based foods. Why not help them build healthy habits and explain to them WHY we eat and the purpose of eating...it all makes sense right? I mean, covering the spectrum of the one activity we do everyday...EATING! I'm still not sure what it will all