Food is medicine...smoothie edition!

Hey friends! I just hosted my Vegan + Immunity workshop yesterday and It was AMAZING! We talked about how food is medicine, essential oils and other herbs and teas. You see, building immunity and maintaining it should not be limited to going to the pharmacy and picking up the latest and "greatest" drug. It should be an enjoyable experience...yes ENJOYABLE!

The amazing thing about building immunity and even healing yourself if you do become ill is that you can literally EAT your way to health with great tasting foods, and great smelling oils! It really can be THAT simple. However, for a lot of us, that was never our perspective or reality. We typically do, use or take what we know...what we've been taught. A lot of the things we do are learned behaviors and just like with anything it can be challenging to change a behavior that has been a norm for years on end.

I am here to tell CAN do it! If you dread getting sick...maybe try something new, something different that you've never done before. I mean if you're willing to bet on a $5 box at Walgreens, why not gamble on what's in your refrigerator or pantry. Or should I say what SHOULD be in your refrigerator or pantry :-)

In my workshop I handed out a chart that gave examples of foods you can eat and what vitamins they contain. When you look at how not only can you get your macros (protein, fat, carbs) but you can ALSO get your Vitamins A, C, K E and so on they were amazed! So, imagine eating foods rich in the vitamins you need to stay healthy everyday all day? The chances of you becoming ill are very slim! Of course there are other environmental factors that can play a part but if you are helping your body the best way possible it will work WITH you to heal itself.

One of the delicious ways I like to help with immune boosting properties for the kiddos is making smoothies. In particular, I make a pineapple, banana + ginger smoothie. YUM! Ginger is powerful and deemed one of the best things to consume when feeling ill. Ginger is great for many things like: nausea, gas relief, weight loss, infections, improved circulation and more!

Pineapple, banana, ginger and coconut flakes-sweetened with maple syrup. Probably a few other supplements added, but the base is what matters!

Pineapple, banana, ginger, carrot, mango, turmeric-sweetened with maple syrup. It tasted like an orange cream pop! Soooo yumm!

This is one of my handsome little men sipping on his "orange cream" smoothie :-)

I'm going to try and post a few more "immunity" type of tips this month to help us get through the rest of this month and next! Try it for yourself and use different combos with some of these ingredients.

Frozen Pineapple


Ginger Root


Frozen Mango



Sweeten with maple syrup, raw agave or whatever you like!

Be well friends!


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