Homemade Red Pepper Sauce

Hello all!

This is a super easy dinner idea! This dinner is geared towards getting your kiddos (or anyone really) to include additional nutrients in their day. As we know, sometimes kiddos can be picky. They get accustomed to the same things over and over and over again and as a parent it can be frustrating. Why won't my kids eat veggies you ask?! Well, at times it's because of exposure. If kiddos aren't used to seeing a variety and exploring a variety they aren't willing to try. Other times, they just don't feel like it! haha!!

Even with my children being plant based eaters...at times they whine about eating a veggie if that's not what they really want at the moment. This is where YOU can get creative in the kitchen! Simple dishes like pasta can be an easy way to sneak in veggies, seeds and other things that your kiddos may not normally want to eat if they saw it by itself.

This recipe is easy and under 20 minutes to prepare! You will need the following kitchen items:

Large pot

high powered blender (ninja, nutri bullet etc.)

rubber spatula

wooden spoon

sharp knife