Black beauty brands I Love!

Hey y'all!!

I hope you enjoyed my blog about buying black! I am so inspired by the many MANY health and beauty products that are becoming available that are black owned. It is my continued quest to buy black and support our community in industries that we haven't always been represented well in. So, I decided to get a little more specific this time on the products I am personally using right now.

Let's start with hair...because HAIR! Hair is such a huge part of our culture and at times how we define ourselves. All hair is beautiful, it's just figuring out the best way to manage it! I know I have personally struggled with my hair...trying to find the right regimen, being a product junkie, over manipulation, not enough moisturizer, type, texture etc. I FINALLY found my groove in the fall of 2019...judge yourself! LOL!

I have so many YouTube videos and a Pinterest board full of suggestions but still struggled with how to care for I have been following Naptural85 and discovered CurlyProverbz during the summer last year. Although I was familiar with ayurvedic herbs I had not used them on my hair. Curly Proverbz spoke a ton about amla, shikakai and henna just to name a few. I started making her homemade growth oil and I saw results INSTANTLY!! My hair grew about 2 inches in 90 days! I was floored! Additionally, I always found Naptural85's tutorials straight forward and very detailed. And then...she came out with products!!!!!! Additionally, my routine during the winter is a consistent hair mask and deep condition WEEKLY! It has worked the best for my hair during these cold temperatures.

The Melanin Hair Care line has been THE best hair styling products I have used thus far...and I have used plennnnnty! This plant based hair care nourishes my strands and continues to keep my hair hydrated throughout the week! The product line expanded and offers an elongating cream, hair and body oil and most recently a leave in conditioner. The products are not overly heavy, can be layered and you absolutely get the most bang for your buck! Not only do I use the products but so do my husband and three young boys. This is not a paid ad..I just like to recommend good, quality stuff. A little goes a long way and honestly even using the products daily they last for close to 60-90 days...liiiike how many of your products last that long?! I also have one of her hair wraps that is extra long and easy to use.