Ladies ONLY! Same cycle, new month...

Hey y'all!!! I'm back with a little write up about how to tame that menstrual cycle. I know, as women sometimes we feel like we got the short end of the stick..hormones, cycle, birthing, breastfeeding...liiiiike we don't catch a BREAK!

However!! I am here to tell you that you CAN manage this time a little better. You alllllready know how I feel about your diet but it most certainly has a huge influence over our hormones as well as our cycle. Even with my vegan lifestyle I've made small changes that STILL make an impact on my cycle each month. Because, as we can be vegan and be "unhealthy". We still have to be mindful of oils, additives and sugar just like the next let's dive in!

When I share my story I always include how it completely shifted my cycle. I'm saying, liiiike I didn't believe it myself at first!! I was having EXTREMELY heavy cycles each month and I could not for the life of me figure out why. I, reluctantly, went to my OB at the time to inquire about what was going on and why? Y'all KNOW it had to be serious for me to go to the doctor, because liiiike I neva go. Anyhoo, I went got tests ran and the usual western medicine approach:"here is your prescription." NOPE wrong answer doc! I was not under any circumstances taking a pill without knowing the ACTUAL cause of my issue. Fibroids-nope, cysts- nope, any other disease or ailment-NOPE so what WAS it?!!