Welcome + Tips

Greetings all!!

I want to FIRST welcome all of the newcomers to the Black Mama Vegan family! I appreciate each of you for putting a pin in it and seeing what this lifestyle is all about! As you may have read or seen in some of my social media posts, I have been on this journey for a lonnnnng time! Although I've been vegan officially for 4 years the thoughts and intentions were there WAY in advance of 2016. So hey y'all!!

Anyhoo, through this blog and my social media I do my best to convey how this lifestyle can work for anyone that puts their mind to it! The majority of recipes that I create usually take 35-40 minutes or less! My hope is that you find some gems along the way to assist you on this journey. Be patient with yourself but stay the course! Additionally, I will include other vegan lifestyle items such as: makeup, nail polish, cleaning products etc. Because of course, #issalifestyle

Now! For those of you who have been riding this out you can see I've been adding things and switching up a bit. I published my first ebook last month! Whoop whoop! I also added my essential oil roller blends as well as my Women Wellness Blend to the site. Both of these items I have used for a very long time and decided to add them to share with others. I will be adding more details about each item so that you can learn a little more about them.

During this time, my hope is that you're spending some moments reflecting, keeping things in order and not eating up all of your snacks!

If this is you, let me share a few tips that may help keep your hunger under control!